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Katja and Matjaž


Katja Goljat and Matjaž Rušt are photographers from Ljubljana, Slovenia. They specialize in documentary photography within the field of contemporary art. In December 2018, Katja and Matjaž began taking portraits of residents in Seyðisfjörður as part of a self-directed art residency with Ströndin Studio. In July 2021, the duo was invited back to Seyðisfjörður to deepen their relationship with the inhabitants and collaborate with Ströndin Studio on The Landslide Project.



Zuhaitz and Jessica, Ströndin Studio


Research, coordination, writing and publication of The Landslide Project was carried out by Ströndin Studio, an educational center for photography located along the fjord in Seyðisfjörður. A joint endeavor between photographer Jessica Auer and historian Zuhaitz Akizu, Ströndin Studio specializes in historical and cultural research involving analogue photography.

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